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Wisconsin Honey Farm

Old Glory Farm harvests raw honey to distribute to commercial and residential kitchens alike. Experience the best of Wisconsin flavor in our all-natural honey. You can place an order as small as ½ pound to start or as many as multiple pounds in bulk orders. Learn more below or get in touch with any questions.

What is local honey?Local Wisconsin honey: what is it?

Local honey is honey sourced from farms local to you (usually within a 50 mile radius). The flavors of that honey come from local wildlife and pollen, which can taste different depending on locations. The taste of local honey is one-of-a-kind and can’t be replicated in the processed, packaged honey byproducts you find on grocery shelves.

What are the benefits of local honey?

Honey itself is a nutritious and healthy alternative to sugars—local honey is even better. We only process our locally harvested honey to clean out bacteria and particles, the result is a delicious combination of local flavor and all-natural antioxidants, nutrients, and sugars.

Supporting local honey farmers is beneficial to the ecosystem too! We let our bees roam free in our designated areas to help pollinate wildlife, promote healthy plant growth, and keep a steady bee population.  

Is local honey the same as raw honey?

Local honey is honey sourced from farmers local to you. Raw honey is unpasteurized, unheated honey which contains all of its (untouched) health properties.

Elkhorn Honey for WI & IL

When you place your order through our online order form, we’ll give you a call to direct you to our farm for pickup and to see the land. We’re conveniently close to the border so even northern Illinois towns can benefit from our all natural products, including:

  • Fresh turkeys (for Thanksgiving & more!)
  • All-natural broiler chickens
  • Free-range chicken eggs (straight from the source!)
Old Glory Farm offers local honey, from our farm to your table.